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The Shattariyya are members of a Sufi mystical order (tariqah) that originated in Persia in the fifteenth century C.E. and formally developed, completed and codified in India. Later secondary branches were taken to Hejaz and Indonesia. The word Shattar, which means "lightning-quick","speed","rapidity", or "fast-goer" indicates a system of spiritual practices that lead quickly to a state of "completion", however the name derives from its founder, Sheikh Sirajuddin Abdullah Shattar (d. 1406 CE).

Unlike other Sufis the Shattariyya do not subscribe to the concept of fana (annihilation of the ego). "With the sect of Shattaris, the Salik (seeker, aspirant) descends, of himself, in his own knowledge - there is no annihilation of self with them".

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