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1Sufism represents the living mystical system of Islamic spirituality. It is immensely complex and infinitely diverse mystical tradition. Sufism is fundamentally indefinable. It deals with veiled mysteries that lie beyond possibilities of rational understanding. Only way to understand Sufism is by living it. Word `Sufi’ itself is understood in different ways. Some refer it to `Safa’ meaning purity, others believe it to be originated from Greek word `Sophia’ meaning wisdom. However, most common understanding is that the word Sufi is originated from Arabic work `Suf’ meaning wool. Attribute of a true Sufi should reflect the softness and warmth of wool.
Many Orders are enveloped within Sufism. The emergence of these orders represents different method (Tariqah) adopted and recommended by particular authoritative saints. These orders are generally named after the saint responsible for such introduction.
Concept of Sufism is beyond differences and hence we find followers of all orders always complimenting and respecting each other.Shattari order (Tariqah) is a great spiritual tradition of Sufism and remains one of the most sacred, renowned, respected, purely illuminated and pious lineage.
The approach of this order is absolutely direct, uncomplicated, unpretentious, humble and extremely loving.
`Shattari’ linguistically means rapid or lightning quick. And true to its name shattari mode is the quickest. On entering shattari path the master (Pir) lifts the disciple (Mureed) from the base Maaqam (station) of Shariyat and promotes him to Tariqat in one go. Then depending upon capacity of each disciple, he is carefully guided and made to progress through advanced stages of Haqiqat and Maarifat.Shattaris hold the key to secret meaning and mysteries of `Koran’ and posses the veiled knowledge of `Hurf-e-Muqattiyat’ (The secret alphabets).
It is prohibited to disclose this knowledge publicly as this is `Baar-e-Amaanat’ (a trusted confidential deposit) of Sher-e-Khuda Maula Mushkil kusha Ali Karam Allah wajho and Hazrat Mohammed Rasool Allah. Any breach of trust and misuse of this knowledge is a greatest of all sins. ( Gunaah-e-Kabira).
The Noble spiritual lineage (Silsila) of this order is an un-interrupted chain of divine energies flowing through selected enlightened soul.