‘Irfan’ or secret wisdom of Shattari order is transmitted `Sina ba Sina’ heart to heart from the `pir’ (master) to deserving `Mureeds’ (disciples). Genuine Shattaris are the custodians of this esoteric and mystical treasure including `Zaat e Mohammedi’  `Hurf e Muqateat’  `Kalima’ and genuine hidden understanding to Quran.

Due to matured and controversial nature of the matter it is disclosed to selective few people of understanding who have the appetite and the capacity to digest this advanced philosophy of truth.

This Knowledge is forbidden to the masses and novice by Hazrat  Mohammad Mustafa Sallallaho-alehi wa Aalehi Wa Ashabehi Wasallam.



This wirdh is a great blessing (Faiz) of Hazrat Shah Sultaan Haaji Hameed Mohammed Ghouse Gwaliori. It is meant to be recited at all times. In good times and in times of needs and trouble. This wirdh performed with true faith will surely eradicate all obstructions from the path of the believer and general well being will prevail – Insha-Allah. Please perform wazhu and recite darusharif 11 times before and after this pious wirdh.

Sayyed Mohiyuddin Amrallah – Yaa Nooraiel
Sheikh Mohiyuddin Fazlallah – Yaa Atfaiel
Auliya Mohiyuddin Amaanullah – Yaa Sartaiel
Baba Mohiyuddin Noorullah – Yaa Kamraiel
Ghouse Mohiyuddin Qutbullah – Yaa Ajmaiel
Sultan Mohiyuddin Saifullah – Yaa Asmaiel
Khwaza Mohiyuddin Farmaanullah – Yaa Kartaiel
Maghdoom Mohiyuddin Burhaanullah –Yaa Dufaiel
Pasha Mohiyuddin Arshallah – Yaa Matraiel
Darvesh Mohiyuddin Aayatullah –Yaa Fazraiel
Gharib Mohiyuddin Mushadullah –Yaa Lukaiel.
(Al Madad, Yaa Mohammed Ghouse Gwaliori)

Almadad Nazare Karam Sultanul Auliya Peer

Wa Dastagir Mahboob-E-Subhani Qutb-E-Rabbani Ghouse Samdaani Shakyh

Ba Tufayel Shah Sultan Al Maroof Haji Hameed Hazrat Mohammed Ghouse Gwaliori. (3-Times)

Ba Haque Hazrat Sayyed Sufi Gaffoor Shah Husseini Qalandar Kadri Shattari Hashmi.(3-Times)

                                      (Pray for Dua)